Dorothee’s Way to Find Herself

Dorothee’s Way to Find Herself Today will I read one sentence in a book about a german woman walking the three big trails in the USA which nearly made me crying: “I did the PCT, all alone with all the obstacles – of what do I have to be afraid now? What could ever stopRead More

Cal’s Top 10 Learnings from Camino de Santiago

MY 10 TOP LEARNINGS FROM CAMINO DE SANTIAGO I walked 900km across Spain last August. Yes, you read that correctly. It took me 34 days, 1.3 million steps along with countless friends and memories as I completed the Camino de Santiago. I actually started penning this piece as a big fat article, documenting my journeyRead More

My Camino Story

This is my first camino and only my point of view and personal feelings and thoughts. This may sound sceptical to some, arrogant to others, but as this was my first Camino, I will try to express my feelings and adventures as clearly as I can. A Camino story is not an easy subject toRead More