Is it safe walking the Camino alone?


is it safe walking the camino aloneWell, first of all, you are never really alone. There are hundreds of fellow pilgrims starting their journeys every day.

So, ”alone” is quite relative here. Unless you want to take custom routes or get up @4AM every morning and walk in the dark by yourself, it is safe to say – you are never alone. A lot of people are asking this question due to misterious accidents of people who went missing.

When to go if you want more people around you?

For example, Camino Frances gets the most busiest on July and August, because of the holidays in Spain. If you decide to walk your Camino in those months, you will rarely be alone. If you don’t sleep in late and don’t wake up too early, you should feel the warmth of fellow pilgrims shoulder by your side at all times.

Winter can be more challenging, due to a greater enviromental danger risk, there are fewer bravehearts that are doing the Pilgrimage. And because of that, pilgrims tend to walk more in groups in winter. To not get lost (because it’s a lot easier then) and support each other more frequently if needed.

Is is safe for women to go on The Camino alone?

Just go on the Camino, you’ll be fine. Most of the stories on internet about Camino attackings and horror stories are fake. In early years it was, in a matter of fact, dangerous for women to walk this Pilgrimage, as it was for men, but nowadays there is a million out of 1 chance of getting mugged or worse. There are rather many misconceptions about Spain’s pilgrimages because of it’s past.

If you have red Camino stories before, you will know that EVERYBODY finds their group of people or atleast 1 friend to walk with, except you are really determined to do this alone. (If you decide to cook tons of food in fellow Albergues, you will get friends quick inevitably 😀 )

Remember, YOU are never alone on the Camino. 


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